• Landscape Maintenance

  • General Outdoor Maintenance

    Caring for a lawn and landscape is a time-consuming and never-ending process. All year round, the front and backyard require routine maintenance in order to continue looking their best. Whether you don't have the equipment to complete the job efficiently or you struggle to find the time to get the job done in your busy schedule, there are countless reasons why you may begin to dread necessary yard work.

    Why not entrust your lawn trimming and maintenance to the experts from Tom Ediss Landscape? We boast the tools and techniques to ensure your landscape maintains its healthy and thriving appearance. No matter the size or scale of the job, you can depend on us to handle the work in a timely manner.


    We pride ourselves with professional Landscape Maintenance resulting in top quality for your investment. We include:

    -Mow, trim and edging of lawn
    -Weed control
    -Irrigation maintenance
    -Tree and shrub pruning & hedging
    -Plug & Irrigation
    -Annual color clean-ups
    -Haul away services